We are pleased to be offering a new ear piercing service in our Westfield White City and Birmingham Bullring Accessorize stores.


Appointments are not required and our fully trained in store team will be happy to help you with any queries you may have.


We're also happy to let you know the following:


  • Lobe and cartilage piercing is available
  • Full post care instructions are provide,we do recommend these are followed to aid healing.
  • Our Stores use a safe and gentle piercing system and are licensed by their local council to operate.
  • Our staff are comprehensively trained in the safe operation of our piercing systems and receive ongoing training and development.
  • Our piercing services compliment the other professional services available in store.
  • The earrings used in store are a jewellery quality and pre-sterilised for a safe piercing. 
  • We offer 9ct, 24ct and stainless steel earrings to purchase.
  • Our earrings are hypoallergenic and conform to all EU Directives and standards, ensuring a safe piercing.
  • Our piercing service is carried out in line with local authority guidelines for best practice, hygiene and safety.
  • We use safe, gentle, hygienic systems for our professional piercing services.
  • In store, we offer ear piercing from 8 years old, only where the child is comfortable for us to proceed.
  • All under 16s must be accompanied by a Parent or Legal Guardian.


Within the industry there are sometimes opinions that the way to pierce the cartilage is with a needle.   Our system has been proven to be suitable to use on the upper flat cartilage and anyone who questions this would just need to be reassured that the councils and Environmental Health Officers are aware of the system and are confident that they are safe for piercing, hence the stores being issued their licences.


With regards to the cartilage piercing, the System 75 Instrument is perfectly suitable for piercing the ‘upper flat cartilage’.  


The System 75 ‘instrument’ is an FDA medical grade device which uses pre-sterilised earrings during the piercing making them safe to use during the piercing process.


The device is hand pressured rather than spring loaded, giving the piercer more control and accuracy, as well as more gentle for our customers.